Scented Sachet

Nov 23, 2011

This sweet scented sachet is perfect to hang anywhere in your home or leave the twine hanger off and place it in a dresser drawer. I am thrilled with how well Antiquated Collection stamps on muslin. Each little detail of Dr. Warner’s Corsets stamp, stamps beautifully. If you want to make a few of these sachets for gifts it really does not take much time at all.

Supplies Needed: Antiquated Collection ~ Dr. Warner’s Corsets Stamp, Acrylic Block, Jet Black Archival Ink, Muslin, Cream Felt, Brown & White Baker’s Twine, Cream All Purpose Thread, Vintage Button, Maya Road Hanging Chandelier Bead, Pale Pink Seaming Binding. Cotton Balls, Favorite Perfume or Essential Oils, Fabri-Tac

Tools Used: Sewing Machine, Scissors, Sewing Needle, Pink Shears, Straight Pins


  • Using Jet Black Archival Ink, ink your Dr. Warner’s Corsets stamp and stamp directly onto your muslin.
  • Using straight pins, pin the stamped muslin piece to a piece of cream felt.
  • Using Pinking Shears, cut around the stamped image leaving about a 1/2″ border all around the image.
  • Using a sewing machine threaded with cream thread, stitch a straight stitch all around sides and bottom of the stamped image. Make sure to leave the top open.
  • Now apply your favorite perfume or essential oils to some cotton balls. If using oils make sure to place them in between non-scented cotton balls so that the oil does not seep through and ruin the sachet.
  • Once you have the sachet filled with cotton balls, using your sewing machine sew the top of the sachet closed.
  • If needed trim around the edges of the sachet using Pinking Shears to even up the edges.
  • Cut a piece of baker’s twine to the length you would like the hanger to be. I cut mine about 12″ in length making the hanger a little less than 6″.
  • Thread a needle with brown and white baker’s twine and stitch through the top center of the sachet, thread a button to the baker’s twine and tie the two ends together.
  • Cut another piece of brown and white baker’s twine to approx. 12″ in length.
  • Thread a needle with the twine and stitch through the bottom center of the sachet, thread a chandelier bead to the baker’s twine, tie a knot and create a bow.
  • Tear a small thin strip of muslin and double knot it around the top of the chandelier bead , trim to desired length.
  • Cut an 8″ piece of pale pink seam binding, create a bow, using Fabri-Tac attach the bow to the stamp bow image just below the cherubs chin.
And there you have it… a super sweet sachet to create and give as gift to all your female co-workers, friends, family etc. this holiday season.

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