Filled with thanks…

Nov 22, 2011

I try to stay pretty positive in life but there are times when the old monkey wrench gets thrown in and increases my anxiety levels just a tad bit.

Today, started out being one of those days and then two wonderful things happened that made me realize just how fortunate I am to be blessed with wonderful friends and acquaintances.

This morning, I get a text from my friend Wendy telling me to check my email… well I instantly do it because, well it’s from Wendy and she told me too… love her so much. Well my eyes nearly popped right out of my head! Look at what was attached to her email. I cannot tell you how incredibly excited I was to see the awesome project she created using my Antiquated Collection Dr. Warner’s Corsets stamp. Her Art Parts ATC’s are the perfect size for this stamp.

I love how Wendy stamped the image twice… once on the Art Parts ATC card and then again on patterned paper. She then attached the stamped cut out image to some of her Clearly for Art product to give the corset a bit more dimension. And notice she did not leave one detail undone… notice the teeny tiny bow underneath cherubs chin… too cute!

Then, if this weren’t enough to brighten my day, I received three beautiful ornaments from a lady who took one of my holiday classes, last year. I was so shocked and surprised to read her ever so kind note and to see that she sent me three of her handmade ornaments. I must say, her sweet gift really brightened my day.

So thank you, Wendy and Susan. What an awesome day this is turning out to be, because of your creativity, friendship and kindness.




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