Filled with thanks…

Nov 22, 2011

I try to stay pret­ty pos­i­tive in life but there are times when the old mon­key wrench gets thrown in and increas­es my anx­i­ety lev­els just a tad bit.

Today, start­ed out being one of those days and then two won­der­ful things hap­pened that made me real­ize just how for­tu­nate I am to be blessed with won­der­ful friends and acquain­tances.

This morn­ing, I get a text from my friend Wendy telling me to check my email… well I instant­ly do it because, well it’s from Wendy and she told me too… love her so much. Well my eyes near­ly popped right out of my head! Look at what was attached to her email. I can­not tell you how incred­i­bly excit­ed I was to see the awe­some project she cre­at­ed using my Anti­quat­ed Col­lec­tion Dr. Warn­er’s Corsets stamp. Her Art Parts ATC’s are the per­fect size for this stamp.

I love how Wendy stamped the image twice… once on the Art Parts ATC card and then again on pat­terned paper. She then attached the stamped cut out image to some of her Clear­ly for Art prod­uct to give the corset a bit more dimen­sion. And notice she did not leave one detail undone… notice the tee­ny tiny bow under­neath cherubs chin… too cute!

Then, if this weren’t enough to bright­en my day, I received three beau­ti­ful orna­ments from a lady who took one of my hol­i­day class­es, last year. I was so shocked and sur­prised to read her ever so kind note and to see that she sent me three of her hand­made orna­ments. I must say, her sweet gift real­ly bright­ened my day.

So thank you, Wendy and Susan. What an awe­some day this is turn­ing out to be, because of your cre­ativ­i­ty, friend­ship and kind­ness.




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