Altering the Pumpkins

Nov 2, 2011

Please for­give me for the last few days. I have been work­ing on some projects that I can­not wait to share. I will be doing an online chat with A Cher­ry On Top, Novem­ber 19th (once we have the time set I will let you know) dur­ing this chat I will final­ly get to reveal my secret… need­less to say, I am count­ing down the days. So, if you want to know make sure you are all signed up at ATOC to par­tic­i­pate in the chat.

Okay, so now to alter­ing the chip­board pump­kins with Jen­ni Bowl­in’s awe­some Hal­loween 2011 line.

To cre­ate the pump­kin tem­plate place a piece of com­put­er paper on top and trace over the recessed area with a sty­lus and cut out. For the stem por­tion of the pump­kin I traced the out­er stem area onto the paper with a pen­cil and used the sty­lus to get the bot­tom por­tion of the stem and cut it out.

Apply adhe­sive over the entire front of the pump­kin, attach pat­terned paper, using a craft knife cut around the edges then sand and ink the edges using a brown ink.

Now trace the stem tem­plate onto pat­terned paper and cut out. Ink the edges using a brown ink, apply adhe­sive to the back of the stem and attach to the top of the pump­kin. Sand the edges and ink again if need­ed.

Note: You will want to do the same thing to the back of the stem and any part of the pump­kin that will show when the page is turned.

Trace the pump­kin tem­plate onto pat­terned paper. I traced it twice onto two dif­fer­ent pat­terned papers then cut the oval cen­ter por­tion of the tem­plate out and traced dif­fer­ent pat­terned paper for the cen­ter sec­tion of the pump­kin. Dis­tress the edges and ink using a brown ink. Apply adhe­sive to the pat­terned papers and attach to the pump­kin as shown.

Accent the pat­terns on the pat­terned paper using Dia­mond Stick­les. I accent­ed the stars and orange pol­ka dots. Let dry.

Now I’m off to alter the maple leaves… hap­py cre­at­ing.



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