Altering the Leaves

Nov 3, 2011

As you can see the album is starting to come together, but please note I do not have anything attached to the cover just yet. Everything is just sitting in place. I like seeing the stems of the leaves and pumpkins sticking out. The album still lacks all the details that makes it special but you can begin to see how the completed mini album is going to look. I’m still not sure how I want to alter the banner.. paint, ink, paper? I’ll figure it out later. Today we are altering the leaves of the coaster mini album.

I find it easiest when altering something like the shape of leaves is to apply the adhesive to the chipboard piece, attach the patterned paper and then cut the piece out using a craft knife set onto a craft mat. Then sand and ink the edges using a brown ink.

Note: Remember, you will need to attach patterned paper to the back of the leaves that sticks above the album.

I then accented the polka dots and white stripes on the patterned paper using Diamond Stickles and let dry.

Okay, off to alter the chipboard house. Then it’s finally time to start adding all the wonderful details and photos to each page.


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