Altering the Leaves

Nov 3, 2011

As you can see the album is start­ing to come togeth­er, but please note I do not have any­thing attached to the cov­er just yet. Every­thing is just sit­ting in place. I like see­ing the stems of the leaves and pump­kins stick­ing out. The album still lacks all the details that makes it spe­cial but you can begin to see how the com­plet­ed mini album is going to look. I’m still not sure how I want to alter the ban­ner.. paint, ink, paper? I’ll fig­ure it out lat­er. Today we are alter­ing the leaves of the coast­er mini album.

I find it eas­i­est when alter­ing some­thing like the shape of leaves is to apply the adhe­sive to the chip­board piece, attach the pat­terned paper and then cut the piece out using a craft knife set onto a craft mat. Then sand and ink the edges using a brown ink.

Note: Remem­ber, you will need to attach pat­terned paper to the back of the leaves that sticks above the album.

I then accent­ed the pol­ka dots and white stripes on the pat­terned paper using Dia­mond Stick­les and let dry.

Okay, off to alter the chip­board house. Then it’s final­ly time to start adding all the won­der­ful details and pho­tos to each page.


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