A Very Heartfelt Thank You…

Nov 20, 2011

Some days you know you are standing exactly where you should. I say “some” days because there are others when I feel as if I’m beating my head up against the wall or slowly riding a bike up the steepest mountain in America and I’m asking myself why I stay in this industry. The answer– always– is that I love it so much. I understand that with success comes frustration. You just have to work your way through it and keep moving forward, even if moving forward means just one step a day you are still moving forward. So, with all that said, at this moment I feel I’m exactly where I should be standing.

… because yesterday was one of those days. Filled with anticipation, excitement and fear. Lots and lots and lots of fear! I was so lucky to be able to debut my new stamp line “Antiquated Collection” with Pink Persimmon during an online chat at A Cherry On Top. Everyone there was so positive and supportive. Pam Bennett was extremely helpful in organizing this chat. Everything went so smoothly, it was impressive. I had so much fun chatting about each stamp set as she posted the images one by one. With each kind word, the fear slowly left. Then, as Pam started posting all the awesome projects created with the help of some special friends… Ronda Palazzari, Karin Aguirre, Tammy Tutterow and Kristii Lockart… my heart was completely filled with happiness and loads of gratitude.

This line of stamps has been inside my head for quite a long time. I’ve always loved images from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. They were all hand drawn (no computers back then), and the clothes were so stylish and fashionable. Any time I came across some while shopping at flea markets or antique stores I would pick them up and place them in a box in my scraproom for safe keeping. The only problem when finding these images is there was usually only one, so if I wanted to use any in projects to teach I had an issue. One day I decided I wanted to solve my problem and find a stamp company to closely work with that would allow me to keep my vision of the stamp line and keep all the detail of each image intact. Having worked with Darcy McNairy and Judi Andersen with Pink Persimmon off and on since 2008, I asked what they thought. After several months of hard work from Judi and Darcy, here we sit with a beautiful vintage stamp collection exactly as I had envisioned it… gorgeous vintage images with incredible detail. I cannot thank Judi and Darcy enough for helping me obtain a goal I have had in mind for quite some time. It is awesome working with you two.

Antiquated Collection is a tribute to the era of ascots, parasols, fancy hats, patent leather shoes and all things charming and endearing. If you would like a chance to win a stamp set of your choice all you have to do is visit Pink Persimmon and leave a comment on their blog post HERE  and/or Like our Facebook Page HERE and share one of the posts listed on your Facebook page. Once we hit 200 Likes we will give one lucky winner a stamp set of their choice.

Now, I’m off to create projects with a heart full of excitement and loads of creative energy. I’m so in love with all this vintage goodness… I’d love to hear what you think.




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