You know you are loved….

Oct 5, 2011

when a sweet little boy gives you one of his treasures.

Once Artistic Journey was over I was loading my car with the help of a super sweet boy, Denton. Denton is Carolyn’s (owner of The Crafty Scrapper) son and I just adore him tremendously. He always helps me with anything I need when I’m getting ready to teach a class. He is super sweet, kind and a very talented artist. This boy can draw amazingly well.

This weekend was Denton’s birthday. I didn’t have a chance to get him a card so while he was helping me carry things to my car I gave him some birthday money. As I was loading everything I noticed Denton digging around in Carolyn’s car. As we started to head back in the store he stops me and says, “Miss Lisa, I want you to have this” and hands me one of his Iron Man men, then shows me a comic book he reads about Iron Man.

This simple gift will certainly be cherished for years and years. I plan on keeping this in my scraproom and each time I see my Iron Man, it will remind me of sweet Denton, who I love so much.

Thanks, Denton. I hope to see you again soon. I’ll be in Waxahachie October 15th at 10:30 teaching a “Jewelry Class” I hope I get to see you.



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