The Garden Fairy

Oct 13, 2011

This little album is one that can be found in my book Delight In The Details. The inside of the album was not able to be shown so I thought I would share it with you. The photos used are ones I took of my niece Madelyn when she and her family were staying with me and Alan during hurricane Rita, several years ago. Madelyn was having so much fun running around the backyard dressed up as a fairy. I just let her play while I snapped away catching her each and every move.

I printed each of the photos in black and white onto a transparency then used a sewing machine set to a straight stitch to attach each photo to the patterned paper. You need to really pay attention to where you place your photo when using photos printed onto transparency paper because you don’t want part of the pattern to end up covering the face of your subject. I placed Madelyn’s face so it looked as though she was hiding among the trees and flowers of the patterned paper. I really like how the photos look on each page… kind of mysterious just as a garden fairy would be.

Garden fairies…

come out at dawn…

bless the flowers…

then they are gone.

If you have not printed photos using inkjet transparency paper give it a try, you can create all kinds of wonderful projects.


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