The Creative Process

Oct 26, 2011

I’m often asked how I come up with my ideas and how I create… so today’s post will give you a little insight into my creative madness. LOL, I really do torture myself and I’m not kidding.

First, I get an idea which usually comes to me at night when in bed. My brain starts to unwind because I’m always wound up like an 8 day clock. It is then that all the ideas start creeping in my head and I take notes.

The other night a mini album idea popped into my head for Halloween. I have some of the new super awesome JBS Halloween line and embellishments that I have really been wanting to use but could not come up with an idea that I really liked. I was thinking about all the unused album pages I have from previous projects and an idea instantly popped into my head to create a mixed matched album using left over pages that would work perfectly for pumpkin patch or Halloween photos.

I start by gathering all the pages and place each page as I think I will like the album to look when opened and closed. I end up moving things over and over until I like the arrangement. So make note what you see here might not be what you see in the end.

Now that I have all the pages arranged as I like, I begin covering the base of each page with patterned paper. Then I start pulling out all the inks, paint, mists and glitter and being altering the embellishments. I plan on posting the progress of this album if you want to follow along and create your own.

Please Note: I’m a Maya Road hoarder so some of these items might not be available (House and Horizontal pages) but don’t let this discourage you, be creative and use what you already have on hand in your stash. I’m sure you have items that will be a great substitute.

Supplies Used: Maya Road: Pumpkin Coaster, Leaf Coaster, Autumn Mini Chipboard Set,  Wavy Layerable Chipboard Banner



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