The Internet makes the world seem smaller…

Sep 6, 2011

Several months ago I received an email sent to me using the “Send Me A Note” form on my blog. It was from an art student requesting information on Crackling Medium as he knew I used it often as he found links about me on the internet which then brought him to my blog. I replied back with all the answers to his questions and told him all the brands I used and what effects would occur when using them, then we both went on our merry way. All I knew was his name was Abhishek Kumar but had no clue where he was from.

I got busy with book deadlines and didn’t think much more about it. I was just glad I could answer his questions and help him out. Once the book deadlines were completed I was on facebook one day with the chat setting on… well I was so surprised when he popped on and let me know he tried the crackling mediums and really liked the outcome. I was so happy to hear they worked for him and he had me go to his blog to see. I was AMAZED with his work!!!

His portraits are stunning and his abstract art is just as amazing. So I feel I must share some images of Abhishek Kumar’s work. I think you will certainly be inspired. I truly love how the internet makes the world feel like a much smaller place, New Delhi, India seems like it is just around the corner.

Daisy – Pencil on Newspaper

Ramsingh (College’s Model) Oil on Canvas

His abstract art is just as amazing. I look at his work over and over and always notice something I missed before.

These are still in the works but are representing which aren’t visual, emotion, sound, or spiritual experience. Simplifications of reality, where detail is eliminated from recognisable objects leaving only the essence or some degree of recognisable form. I love his color combinations.

This one is titled “Time Dilation” and is oil on canvas. I love how he painted the person is he coming to or leaving the room… such a unique piece.

He even does watercolors… this piece is titled “The Rotation”.

And Pastels & Pencil Colors on Paper. This piece is title “Nature Composition.”

I hope you enjoy his artwork as much as I do. I plan on keeping in touch with Abhishek Kumar via his Facebook page to see what happens to him in the world of art. I think he has incredible potential to be someone great.

I loved one of his comments on his facebook page and just had to share it with you… It went like this…

10 Steps-
1. Paint. 2. Paint more. 3. Paint even more. 4. Paint even more than that. 5. Paint when you don’t want to. 6. Paint when you do. 7. Paint when you have something to say. 8. Paint when you don’t. 9. Paint every day. 10. Keep painting. ;)

I feel like these 10 Steps work for me too in the mixed media world… bottom line is just keep creating.


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