Super Cute Idea

Sep 1, 2011

I’m not sure if I should thank Christine Drumheller’s mother or not but she now has me on the hunt for vintage salt and pepper shakers to make unique decorative tassels. Yes, you read right… tassels. Christine did a few blog posts for me while I was gone so I snagged this photo showcasing a layout she created of her and her Mom. I thought you should see the face of this creative lady.

While Christine and I were chatting one day at CHA-S she told me about these unique tassels her mother used to make from salt and pepper shakers. Well, Christine sent me two and I have just got to share this idea with you. Have I told you how cute of an idea this is… I mean seriously how cute is that little piggy and tomato! They are going to look so cute hanging in my kitchen. I cannot wait to make a few sets to give as gifts. Oh the thrill of this hunt is gonna be a good one… I just know it. There are so many styles of salt and pepper shakers out there… I cannot wait to see what I find.

This little piggy went to market to buy a… tomato?

Happy thrifting…

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