Stepping out of your comfort zone…

Sep 2, 2011

How many of you fear step­ping out of your com­fort zone? I know I am rais­ing my hand high in the air on this one. I am so guilty of stick­ing with what I know how to do and not ven­tur­ing out of my com­fort zone. When it comes to cre­at­ing I love play­ing with vin­tage finds and tex­tiles, beau­ti­ful ecru, black and shab­by chic col­ors. I can promise you the first few items I grab for are not sten­cils, mod­el­ing paste or Twin­kling H2O’s… they are more like Dia­mond Stick­les, sewing nee­dles, embroi­dery floss and vin­tage, vin­tage and more vin­tage embell­ish­ments.

WELL, let me just tell ya, this week I’ve been dab­bling with a 7″ x 9″ can­vas that is WAY FAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR out of my com­fort zone we’re talk­ing bright col­ors, sten­cils and all kinds of mixed media items and you know what… I kin­da like it… no I REALLY like it! I’ve been work­ing on this all week, just sit­ting and doing a few min­utes here and there. I’m learn­ing what works and what does­n’t, all tri­al and error for this girl.

The back­ground on the bot­tom pho­to was a hap­py, what in the world just hap­pened, was­n’t expect­ing that but, oh I kin­da like this and glad it did moment. The blue you see on “Sum­mer’s” face (a.k.a. “Ans­ley’s” face because this sten­cil looks like Ans­ley. Julie promised she was­n’t stalk­ing my blog and draw­ing Ans­ley, LOL.) and peek­ing out from under­neath the orange is real­ly a neat aqua col­or not “Smur­fette Blue”

You can see how I accent­ed her hair with lots of dif­fer­ent col­ors… pur­ple, fuch­sia, white, black, orange, brown, Dia­mond Stick­les etc. I have dis­cov­ered it is eas­i­er for me to paint using brighter col­ors rather than mut­ed vin­tage col­ors. Not sure why but find it intrigu­ing because I would have a real­ly hard time cre­at­ing with papers if the col­ors were this bright. Just a fun­ny lit­tle obser­va­tion I dis­cov­ered about myself.

So this Labor Day week­end who is going to step out of their com­fort zone? I hope all of you. It real­ly is a won­der­ful jour­ney. I can­not wait to show you the fin­ished can­vas… maybe some­time next week. We will see.


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