Stepping out of your comfort zone…

Sep 2, 2011

How many of you fear stepping out of your comfort zone? I know I am raising my hand high in the air on this one. I am so guilty of sticking with what I know how to do and not venturing out of my comfort zone. When it comes to creating I love playing with vintage finds and textiles, beautiful ecru, black and shabby chic colors. I can promise you the first few items I grab for are not stencils, modeling paste or Twinkling H2O’s… they are more like Diamond Stickles, sewing needles, embroidery floss and vintage, vintage and more vintage embellishments.

WELL, let me just tell ya, this week I’ve been dabbling with a 7″ x 9″ canvas that is WAY FAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR out of my comfort zone we’re talking bright colors, stencils and all kinds of mixed media items and you know what… I kinda like it… no I REALLY like it! I’ve been working on this all week, just sitting and doing a few minutes here and there. I’m learning what works and what doesn’t, all trial and error for this girl.

The background on the bottom photo was a happy, what in the world just happened, wasn’t expecting that but, oh I kinda like this and glad it did moment. The blue you see on “Summer’s” face (a.k.a. “Ansley’s” face because this stencil looks like Ansley. Julie promised she wasn’t stalking my blog and drawing Ansley, LOL.) and peeking out from underneath the orange is really a neat aqua color not “Smurfette Blue”

You can see how I accented her hair with lots of different colors… purple, fuchsia, white, black, orange, brown, Diamond Stickles etc. I have discovered it is easier for me to paint using brighter colors rather than muted vintage colors. Not sure why but find it intriguing because I would have a really hard time creating with papers if the colors were this bright. Just a funny little observation I discovered about myself.

So this Labor Day weekend who is going to step out of their comfort zone? I hope all of you. It really is a wonderful journey. I cannot wait to show you the finished canvas… maybe sometime next week. We will see.


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