Stencil Pop Art

Sep 29, 2011

I finally finished my “Pop Art” portrait version of Ansley. Julie Fei-Fan Balzer calls this stencil Summer and since she did create the stencil she has every right to name it Summer but honestly, I think she needs to re-name it Ansley as it looks so much like her.

I plan on doing a mini workshop in my Tips, Techniques and Tutorials online workshop explaining how I created this “Pop Art” portrait. Creating the dimension in her hair and facial features as well as picking out funky paint colors was really fun. If you’re already registered for this workshop I plan on starting the tutorial, next week. I think it will be a fun change from the other projects posted. You never know you might like painting with bright colors as much as I do. Which I find totally amusing since I am such a vintage girl at heart and hardly if ever create using bright colors.

Gotta start packing and getting everything together for tomorrow as it is “Artistic Journey” weekend. I will be tweeting photos all during the event for you to see. It’s an awesome weekend filled with lots of creativity.


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