ScrapFest Recap

Sep 21, 2011

Traveling to different places to teach is always so much fun but being home and in your own bed is awesome. Last night, I slept so hard I don’t think I even moved in my sleep. ScrapFest was awesome, incredible, amazing and inspiring. I would do it all over again tomorrow, if I could. I had a blast teaching all 6 of the Maya Road classes. Every one who came to class was so upbeat and excited. It was so fun getting to chat with so many creative people from all over the country. I really enjoyed being in MN. The people are so nice and getting away from the Texas heat was awesome.

I have so many photos I want to share that I took during the event so I decided to create a collage. You will find photos from some of my classes, some of Emily and Ronda doing make-n-takes, the gorgeous and very popular zipper flowers Caroline was demoing, Ronda and Emily prepping for make-n-takes while I was creating my class samples and a photo of my book. Just a little FYI… there are signed copies of my book at Archiver’s in the Mall of America.

Each day Maya Road did two different make-n-takes and Caroline figured Maya Road did approximately 2,000 make-n-takes during ScrapFest. YAY, Maya Road!

Monday, we had a relaxing sight seeing day and went to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. What a gorgeous place to visit. The flowers gardens were so vibrant in color and the sculptures were incredible. It was a gorgeous day to walk the garden.

After walking the garden and taking loads of photos we ate lunch, shopped at Wet Paint which is an awesome art store, those of you who live in the area are so lucky! Then we headed to a fabric store were Ronda, Caroline and I all walked out with an arm full of fabrics and loads of creative ideas. It was a great day of shopping and fun.

Monday evening, we headed back to the Mall of America were Caroline and Ronda laughed and I screamed in terror the entire time we were in Nickelodeon Universe. I do NOT like rollercoasters or anything that goes up and down and swirls around but not wanting to be the party pooper I agreed to ride Fairly Odd Coaster, Pepsi Orange Streak, SpongeBob SquarePants Rock Bottom Plunge, Jimmy Nuetron’s Atomic Collider and the Log Chute. After all that my tummy was letting me know one more ride and someone next to me was going to pay the ultimate price so I sat and watched Caroline and Ronda ride the Fairly Odd Coaster again! There was no way they could pry me from the bench. I was not going for round number two.

Caroline and Ronda are in the car in the upper left area of the photo.

And here is Ronda just after we got off the Log Chute… she rode in the front. I rode in the very back squeezing onto and hiding behind Caroline.

So as you can see we were super busy yet had a super fun time. I hope to be able to do it all again next year… excluding a few rides. Now I need to focus on making sure everything is ready for Artistic Journey, next weekend as well as finish up a few assignments and projects. I have a Halloween and Christmas Mini Album online workshop to put together as well as get some blog hop projects and other creations finished and sent out asap!


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