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Aug 14, 2011

First, I want to thank everyone who has taken over my blog posting duties while I’ve been gone. It’s been really nice not having to worry about blog posts all week and I cannot wait to see what you post about this week.

The photos below are photos of the old Childers homestead that was established in 1900 by my great great grandfather Enoch Childers. He moved to Buckhannon, WV with his nine children Daniel, John, Stephen, James, Robert, Minnie, Albert, Amanda and Jesse. Toby Childers had sadly passed away from an accident in 1893. His wife Rebecca Hinkle Childers died from consumption in 1894. The main one room log home was rolled over the hill from across the dirt road not far from it’s location now, using large logs and horses. They added a bedroom and kitchen later on as well as several sheds for washing clothes, a few for the men to sleep in, a meat house, and one they dried tobacco in.

My family brought me here for as long as I can remember each summer and it has a very special place in my heart. I love all the family history my cousins have found about the Childers family, as well as all the memories I have from spending long days having picnics with all my aunts, uncles and cousins. I still recall my grandfather sitting on the porch next to me reading an old ledger. I was so amazed at how cheap everything could be purchased. And I remember my grandmother cooking us all lunch on the old wood stove. I sat in the hot kitchen chatting with her and thought I was going to sweat to death as it was so hot. But Grammy was having so much fun cooking on it as she wanted us kids to eat a meal from that old stove. I must say it was incredible food and I have never had biscuits like what she made ever again.

All 111 years has taken it’s toll on the buildings but  in my eyes it is still a peaceful and intriguing place.

These are the original corner pieces still holding up the barn today. Each piece of timber was hand cut. They kept cows and horses inside. Now it stores the original wagon Enoch and his kids rode on to cross over Buckhannon Mountain to get to this land.

This is their old hay rake that was pulled by horses in the field that now has my aunt and uncles home on.

This building was the smoke house and where they cured, I’m sure quite a few hams. Just behind that huge pine tree was their water well. It was just outside the kitchen door and had the coldest water.


This is the old door that leads into the kitchen. Oh how many times my brother and I walked through that door. I can still hear the noise of the screen door slamming.

I have photos of Enoch and Jess sitting on or standing near this very same swing. I think every single one of us have sat on this swing. I can remember sitting on it and looking out at all the family members sitting on lawn chairs and blankets laughing and enjoying the day.

The chimney on the house is the original chimney. We are all amazed that it is still standing. The small window is the kitchen window. I can still see Grammy standing in front of it. The window to the left was the bedroom where Minnie and Amanda slept. They were the only two girls out of ten kids.

You can see Queen Ann’s Lace all over the fields and sides of the roads. I think this is one of the prettiest wildflowers.

My aunt and uncle always have a garden. This year their corn is taller than me by a good foot.

And walking down the road you will always find wild sweet peas growing up the fence posts. So there is just a little bit of my family history (click on the names of each person in this post if you wish to know more about them) and why I love it so much here. I hope to always be able to visit this place for as long as I live.

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