This waiting is about to kill me…

Aug 24, 2011

I just have to tell you a tee­ny tiny bit about some­thing I’ve been hold­ing in for quite some­time. If I don’t tell you a tee­ny tiny bit I just might explode. I’ve been work­ing on a project with a com­pa­ny and it looks as though a dream of mine is close to being accom­plished. This jour­ney will take me in a fun new direc­tion in the indus­try and one I hope is wel­comed by all with open arms. This com­pa­ny and I have been work­ing to make sure every last detail is refined and they are just as detail ori­ent­ed as I am so we’re a per­fect match. The sec­ond I get to tell you about my new ven­ture you will cer­tain­ly know, as this secret keep­ing is pret­ty hard.

Okay so with that news/no news bit here is some­thing pret­ty I cre­at­ed for a strand of beads I found while mom, dad and I were head­ing home from WV. I think we were in Arkansas. And since  I’m using that “S” hook thingy (not sure what you call that thing) to attach the charm to the neck­lace I plan on slip­ping this charm on and off all kinds of dif­fer­ent styled neck­laces I’ve cre­at­ed.

I can­not wait to wear this dur­ing ScrapFest, next month. I’ll be post­ing the instruc­tions on how I made the charm in my “Tips, Tech­niques and Tuto­ri­als” online work­shop, this week.


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