Aug 18, 2011

Well Lisa will be back in town soon. I am sure she is not missing the 100+F weather we have here in Dallas. Even though she has been rubbing in how nice and cool it has been since she was gone, at the end of the day she knows what she is coming back too.

She is going to be busy this Fall with lots of things going on with Maya Road. Lisa will be teaching 6 classes at Scrapfest in Minnesota in about a month for Archivers.  Lisa is also coming along to do make and takes with Maya Road. The Maya Road classes Lisa designed were very well received and sold out in less than a day.  Here is a peek at the card and mini album classes she designed:

Then two weeks after that, Lisa will be teaching (along Dina Wakley and Shelley Haganman) at Artistic Journey 2011 at The Crafty Scrapper. Artistic Journey is an event Maya Road does in conjunction with The Crafty Scrapper where we transform the store into a Maya Roadie’s dream come true. The event is almost sold out and we are busy planning all the kits and make and takes right now. I have seen Lisa’s project and it totally rocks. Dina’s and Shelley’s projects rock too.

Here is a peek at Lisa’s fabulous shadowbox project for Artistic Journey.

As for me, I personally love leaving the creating to my design team as they totally wow me with their work. I love working behind the scenes to make everything happen. I have been very busy while Lisa has been away working on these – my spreadsheets for each of the kits, make and takes and whatever needs to be packed in time for each event. I love a good spreadsheet whenever I can put one together.

With that it is back to work for me – lots of planning to make sure everything goes well for these events!

Hope you will be joining Lisa and I at either Scrapfest or Artistic Journey in the next couple of months!



Maya Road

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