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Aug 29, 2011

A little bird once said… 

Here is the mini album I told you I would share, last week. It is one of Terri I did for her, her senior year in High School in 2006. It seems like it was just yesterday, we were taking these photos. Now Ansley is a senior. People are not kidding when they say time flies! It does and FAST.

The chipboard and flower embellishments on the cover of the album are by Maya Road that I altered using crackle paint, glitter and Diamond Stickles. I covered the back of each page with a solid piece of patterned paper, this was Scenic Route… sure do miss them… the front of the remaining album pages I covered with patterned paper, patterned paper strips cut using decorative scissors, a photo and journaling. I then accented some of the patterns on the paper using Diamond Stickles.

One day you will be 18 years old and eager to spread your wings and fly. 

One day you would obtain your dream and desire of going to college and living on your own. 

One day I would look into your eyes and no longer see a little girl but a beautiful young lady. 

One day I would have to let you follow your own path and create your own journey.

One day I would have to sit back and watch you begin your own life. 

One day I would see a young lady who is ready to conquer the world. 

But… one thing this little bird forgot to tell me was all this would happen in the blink of an eye. I love you, Mom. 

Now I need to take photos of Ansley and make the very same album for her. Yikes! I’m discovering this little bird forgot to tell me a lot!


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