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Aug 13, 2011

   Hi! I’m Michelle Jack­son, co-own­er of Vin­tage Street Mar­ket. We are so excit­ed this month to have Lisa as the Guest Design­er on our site (, and are just thrilled that Lisa invit­ed us to par­tic­i­pate on hers!

  If you’re famil­iar with us, one thing that makes Vin­tage Street Mar­ket a lit­tle unique, is that we start­ed as an online store, stocked full of authen­tic vin­tage mate­ri­als gath­ered with the paper crafter/altered artist in mind. Since then, we’ve expand­ed to devel­op­ing our own brand­ed prod­uct line, which can be found in stores,  but still keep the online store stocked with fun authen­tic vin­tage for the direct con­sumer. Today, I’m going to step over into the spooky side, and show you a project I’ve cre­at­ed using our “new” Vin­tage Hal­loween Ban­ner Kit and vin­tage slide wheel.

This one-of a kind wall hang­ing began as a sim­ple, vin­tage, out of date, black slide pro­jec­tor wheel.  But when altered with the Vin­tage Hal­loween Ban­ner Kit, became some­thing entire­ly usable again as a sea­son­al home decor piece.




To cre­ate this wall-hang­ing, I began with a vin­tage flash card, which I trimmed with black/orange fes­toon, to cre­ate the base.  Then come the lay­ers!

I cut  the vin­tage treat bag into a cir­cle, and lay­ered it over the vin­tage, orange,  scal­loped cir­cle. Back before paper-craft­ing became pop­u­lar, I think this served as a coast­er! Stick­les, a mini tag tied off with a vin­tage but­ton, and a spooky warn­ing cre­ate the rest of the back­ground. The lit­tle pump­kin man sits on top hold­ing a sign.

A pump­kin stick­er embell­ish­es a vin­tage game card, again trimmed with stick­les. I then lay­ered the card over a large black tag. Vin­tage sheet music peeks out from behind, and a creepy plas­tic spi­der nes­tles among the fes­toon­ing.

   I think the main rea­son why I love paper-craft­ing so much, is hav­ing the oppor­tu­ni­ty to make some­thing tru­ly dis­tinc­tive. Thanks for join­ing me on the spooky side.…we’ll be back next week to share some more. In the mean­time, come take a trip to Vin­tage Street-we’d love to have you stop by! And Lisa, we hope you are enjoy­ing your time off!

Hap­py week­end!

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