Five Photos

Aug 2, 2011

These five photos bring back way more than five memories that is for sure and are some of my favorites.

Downtown Chicago is one of my favorite places to visit. I could walk all over every single square inch of it (that is as long as it isn’t 5,000 degrees outside like it was when I was there a week ago. Ok that might be a bit dramatic but gosh it sure did fee like it) I never get tired of looking at all the buildings and architecture as well as the street entertainment.

Cape Neddick Lighthouse also known as “Nubble Light House”. Mom and I got to go and visit the lighthouse while in Maine last summer. I loved walking around the coastline, smelling the salty air and eating “Saltwater Taffy”. We had an incredible day of adventures. The beaches along the east coast are my favorite. I always feel so at home there.

This photo is of my brother, Richard. It was taken one summer while on a day sail.  In the summers my family would go day sailing all along Sabine Lake. We would sail out to small islands to look around, go crabbing, eat lunch and just have simple fun. Richard always loved being outside and I loved to bird watch. He would walk in among the reeds but I on the other hand stayed back as I was a chicken. If he saw something really interesting that I just had to go see I would venture in but it had to be good.

I didn’t get to my grandfather’s camp in Acton, Maine, very often but when I did I loved it. I tell ya that lake water is COLD… like numb your feet kinda cold as soon as you walk in. I never could go swimming in that water. Terri and Ansley did when they were little. Thankfully my aunt was there so she went swimming with them or I fear I would have had heart failure as soon as that water hit my stomach. She saved a life that day and didn’t even know it. My dad told me growing up my grandmother would make him and his siblings come out of the water and warm up when their lips turned BLUE! I swear when you are a kid you do not have nerve endings.

Oh the many memories I have visiting this place. These buildings are part of my family heritage in Buckhannon, WV. When visiting my grandparent’s in Salem, WV each summer all the family would meet here and we would spend the day. This is the house and buildings of my ancestor Enoch Childers and his wife Rebecca Hinkle – Childers. When I was young it still had furniture and other household items inside. I loved looking at all the items and wondering what it was like living there. I can still see my grandfather sitting on the porch reading a journal listing all the prices they paid for items. Last year, was the first year I was brave enough to go up in the attic. My brother always tried to get me to go up but no way. I only did it last year, because my mom was with me… sad but true. There are apple trees and plum trees around the house, they had a big garden and small livestock. The small buildings around the main house are bedrooms the men slept in, a smokehouse etc.

And I’m so excited because I will be there next week, my aunt and uncle live just up from the old family home. I took this photo while standing on their front porch. Monday, mom, dad and I will start the drive up there and I cannot wait to see everyone. Hopefully, I will get a break from this terrible Texas heat.




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