Display Case

Aug 4, 2011

Recently, mom and dad bought a new entertainment center for their den and asked if I wanted this vintage display case because they no longer had room for it… well you can certainly imagine yes could not come out of my mouth fast enough. I drove from Beaumont like a little old lady in fear I would break the glass.

Well it got here all safe and sound and now is being filled with thrift store finds, items mom and dad have found for me and even a few from my aunt. I like to use these items for photo props and containers in my classes. It’s great to finally have everything well, most everything in one spot instead of all over the house here and there.

I wonder how many people looked through this display case over the years? I always wonder things like this as I really would like to know.

Old books, crocheted runner, sugar bowl and milk glass

Clear glass dishes, bowls and vases

Milk glass ashtrays, juice cups, salt and pepper shakers and my grandfather’s martini glass

Here are some fun little pieces I plan on altering… spoon, deck of cards and secret future class pieces inside the dish. I can’t wait to start heading to WV next week as I know I will find some more wonderful pieces to add the case.

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