Back In The Day

Aug 11, 2011

Hi there this is Car­o­line Lau — one of the part­ners at Maya Road. When Lisa asked me to post here on her blog I was first at a loss at what I would post. So I decid­ed that I would talk about how Lisa made it onto the Maya Road team way back in 2006 dur­ing our very first (and only so far) Design Team call.

I hon­est­ly had nev­er heard of Lisa or seen her work before. Lisa was new to the world of scrap­book­ing back then. The first time I noticed her work was when I saw this project on Two Peas In A Buck­et:

Lisa had done some amaz­ing things with our bot­tle­caps that I had nev­er seen before. I was floored at the exe­cu­tion and details of her work.

I was hop­ing that she would try out for our team.

Lisa did — she cre­at­ed this great project here using some of our first coast­ers and chip­board:

Any­how, I remem­ber call­ing Lisa for the inter­view and telling her I was so sor­ry I was so hoarse (I had a bad cold) and I heard her talk like this “ me? eeekkkk” with words strung togeth­er at 100 mph. After I calmed her down, I told her she made it to the next round. And as they say the rest is his­to­ry.

Take a look at Lisa’s style now ver­sus back then, you will see that in the last 6 years, Lisa has tak­en the cre­ative jour­ney to the place she is at.  Lisa has always stayed true to her style even in these ear­ly projects with con­sis­tent use of glit­ter, jour­nal­ing strips, crack­le paint and more. Even as her projects have evolved to reflect her cre­ative process, she still stays true to her­self and that is why Lisa’s work has such a dis­tinct look.

Thanks for join­ing me on this trip down mem­o­ry lane!


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