Chicago Tribune and Pink Paislee

Jul 27, 2011

I tell ya we walked all over down­town Chica­go. You would think we spent days down there but nope just one com­plete after­noon. That Ron­da is a fast paced walk­er, no south­ern strolls when she is around. I like how in this pho­to the Chica­go Tri­bune is peek­ing out from the oth­er build­ings. I do believe Chica­go has my favorite down­town. I could spend days there. The tall build­ing on the left makes me think of Bat­man. I have no clue why as I am not a Bat­man fan. But I always think of Gotham City when I see it.

As we walked and walked and walked I had to cap­ture this pho­to of the Chica­go Sun Times. I just love all the dif­fer­ent sized build­ings nes­tled all togeth­er.

One thing about most of the build­ings down­town is all the incred­i­ble detail. I find it so inspir­ing. Just look at all the dif­fer­ent faces, grapevines and oth­er ornate details. So pret­ty.

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the “Nan­tuck­et” line by Pink Paislee. The col­ors are absolute­ly gor­geous and the wood shapes that go with it are so cute! Just look at this bicy­cle and the sea­horse behind it. I heard a lot of buzz about their “Chip­board Tiles” every­one seemed to real­ly like these. I too think these are pret­ty cool.

They also released a line called “Vin­tage Vogue” look at how cute the sil­hou­ette “Chip­board Pops” of the ladies are in white, black and aqua. Love their dress­es. And in the upper left top row of the above pho­to you can see their new “Spool But­tons”… oh be still my heart. They are adorable.

For the past few days I have been play­ing with my Cocoa Daisy August kit. The reveal is tomor­row so make sure you check out their site. Chris­tine has put togeth­er anoth­er awe­some kit.


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