Chicago Tribune and Pink Paislee

Jul 27, 2011

I tell ya we walked all over downtown Chicago. You would think we spent days down there but nope just one complete afternoon. That Ronda is a fast paced walker, no southern strolls when she is around. I like how in this photo the Chicago Tribune is peeking out from the other buildings. I do believe Chicago has my favorite downtown. I could spend days there. The tall building on the left makes me think of Batman. I have no clue why as I am not a Batman fan. But I always think of Gotham City when I see it.

As we walked and walked and walked I had to capture this photo of the Chicago Sun Times. I just love all the different sized buildings nestled all together.

One thing about most of the buildings downtown is all the incredible detail. I find it so inspiring. Just look at all the different faces, grapevines and other ornate details. So pretty.

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the “Nantucket” line by Pink Paislee. The colors are absolutely gorgeous and the wood shapes that go with it are so cute! Just look at this bicycle and the seahorse behind it. I heard a lot of buzz about their “Chipboard Tiles” everyone seemed to really like these. I too think these are pretty cool.

They also released a line called “Vintage Vogue” look at how cute the silhouette “Chipboard Pops” of the ladies are in white, black and aqua. Love their dresses. And in the upper left top row of the above photo you can see their new “Spool Buttons“… oh be still my heart. They are adorable.

For the past few days I have been playing with my Cocoa Daisy August kit. The reveal is tomorrow so make sure you check out their site. Christine has put together another awesome kit.


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