A quick trip…

Jul 11, 2011

Ansley and I decided to take a quick trip down to Beaumont to see my parents and aunt since she had several days off last week. The plan was to surprise my mom and let’s just say, everyone kept the secret but me… even my 8 year old niece kept the secret. I called mom, Wednesday morning asking what she was doing just like I do every morning… and folded like a cheap tent. I told her well we are all packed and on our way down to see you. I swear nothing has changed… I get so excited I just can’t keep it in. So she was still surprised just not open the front door and see us surprised. So while we were in Beaumont we drove to Galveston Island. On the way through Winnie we saw a little cattle drive. We have never seen one in all the years we have driven to the beach.

Riding the ferry over to the Galveston is always fun watching the seagulls, pelicans and looking for dolphins. We saw quite a few dolphins swimming on our way back home.

Ansley and Matt on the upper deck of the ferry.

My dad and his sister Brenda, at lunch.

Watching the candy master roll and wrap candy at La Kings Confectionery. I love that place. Alan and I have some of the cutest photos of Terri and Ansley there when they were little. We always got an ice cream, taffy and some fudge.

After this we all headed back to the car so Matt and Ansley could swim in the water and mom and aunt Brenda could get their feet wet. Dad and I sat in the car with the AC on full blast chatting and keeping cool. I guess you figured out who I got the love of winter from… dad and I are not the summer ones of the family. We love the winter.

Matt and Ansley enjoying the water.

Aunt Brenda and Mom watching Matt and Ansley swim while getting their feet wet. Mom was taking photos and watching Matt and Ansley like a hawk out in the water. I was doing the very same thing in the car, once a worrier always a worrier. But obviously, I was not too worried as I was so far away sitting in the car with the AC running. After they finished swimming we headed back home to mom and dad’s house. It was a great visit and now that I am  home in Frisco, I have last minute down to the wire CHA things to get completed. Maya Road sneak peeks start tomorrow… you are going to LOVE their summer release. a

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