A quick trip…

Jul 11, 2011

Ans­ley and I decid­ed to take a quick trip down to Beau­mont to see my par­ents and aunt since she had sev­er­al days off last week. The plan was to sur­prise my mom and let’s just say, every­one kept the secret but me… even my 8 year old niece kept the secret. I called mom, Wednes­day morn­ing ask­ing what she was doing just like I do every morn­ing… and fold­ed like a cheap tent. I told her well we are all packed and on our way down to see you. I swear noth­ing has changed… I get so excit­ed I just can’t keep it in. So she was still sur­prised just not open the front door and see us sur­prised. So while we were in Beau­mont we drove to Galve­ston Island. On the way through Win­nie we saw a lit­tle cat­tle dri­ve. We have nev­er seen one in all the years we have dri­ven to the beach.

Rid­ing the fer­ry over to the Galve­ston is always fun watch­ing the seag­ulls, pel­i­cans and look­ing for dol­phins. We saw quite a few dol­phins swim­ming on our way back home.

Ans­ley and Matt on the upper deck of the fer­ry.

My dad and his sis­ter Bren­da, at lunch.

Watch­ing the can­dy mas­ter roll and wrap can­dy at La Kings Con­fec­tionery. I love that place. Alan and I have some of the cutest pho­tos of Ter­ri and Ans­ley there when they were lit­tle. We always got an ice cream, taffy and some fudge.

After this we all head­ed back to the car so Matt and Ans­ley could swim in the water and mom and aunt Bren­da could get their feet wet. Dad and I sat in the car with the AC on full blast chat­ting and keep­ing cool. I guess you fig­ured out who I got the love of win­ter from… dad and I are not the sum­mer ones of the fam­i­ly. We love the win­ter.

Matt and Ans­ley enjoy­ing the water.

Aunt Bren­da and Mom watch­ing Matt and Ans­ley swim while get­ting their feet wet. Mom was tak­ing pho­tos and watch­ing Matt and Ans­ley like a hawk out in the water. I was doing the very same thing in the car, once a wor­ri­er always a wor­ri­er. But obvi­ous­ly, I was not too wor­ried as I was so far away sit­ting in the car with the AC run­ning. After they fin­ished swim­ming we head­ed back home to mom and dad’s house. It was a great vis­it and now that I am  home in Frisco, I have last minute down to the wire CHA things to get com­plet­ed. Maya Road sneak peeks start tomor­row… you are going to LOVE their sum­mer release. a

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