Paper Cowgirl Weekend…

Jun 13, 2011

Oh my good­ness I don’t even know where to start but I think the begin­ning is best. Warn­ing, this is a nov­el of a blog post. I had an incred­i­ble week­end with lots of super fun ladies. I tell ya all were hap­py, super inspir­ing and all extreme­ly nice. Now we all know get­ting a group of 100 women togeth­er with that kind of result is some­thing… just keep­ing it hon­est and real.

Thurs­day evening start­ed off with a meet and greet, friend­ship token swap and then all the oth­er incred­i­ble swaps. It was a blast and my name badge is filled with lots of super fun friend­ship tokens.

After the meet and greet Cindy May­field our host intro­duced all the teach­ers. There were some incred­i­ble teach­ers at this event and all kinds of mixed media was taught.

After the teach­ers intro­duced them­selves and told about their class it was time for my “Artist to Author” talk. I tru­ly hope, and from the response I got after­wards, those that wish to get into the pub­lish­ing world take the jump. Whether it be just sub­mit­ting to mag­a­zines for pub­lished lay­outs and projects or sub­mit­ting a book pro­pos­al just do it… I will help you as best I can… promise! I meant every sin­gle word I said! The info will be post­ed on my blog some­time this week… I had great inten­tions yes­ter­day to get it post­ed for today but hon­est­ly I passed out yes­ter­day. I was so tired.

Fri­day, after­noon I taught my “Pieces of Time” class. I had such a won­der­ful group of fun­ny easy going ladies. It was awe­some. I gave away prizes every 15 min., had a prize for the first per­son to com­plete their project. I made a memen­to for them to place on their name tag for tak­ing my class and of course choco­late and pep­per­mints were at each table.

and I’m not going to men­tion sides but one side had a few more trou­ble mak­ers than the oth­er… good trou­ble mak­ers but still trou­ble is trou­ble. LOL

I got a few pho­tos of some of the fin­ished projects and loved that some brought their own items to make their project a bit more per­son­al. I always say at the begin­ning of each class… I’m just giv­ing you the idea, you make it your own. It makes me so hap­py when those that wish to, do so.

Fri­day, night I hung out at Car­olyn’s store, The Crafty Scrap­per, lit­er­al­ly sat in her com­fy chair for 3 hours and laughed so hard with her, Trisha and Lisa my side hurt! I got­ta say, Lisa is an awe­some friend, she sold books for me, helped with my class and kept me on track the entire week­end. Every­one needs some­one like this for a friend and NO I will not loan her out. She is mine.… all mine!

Sat­ur­day, Lisa and I did some antique shop­ping dur­ing the day and then that night head­ed over to Ven­dor night. Oh my good­ness did I ever score some unique finds. It was so much fun shop­ping.

This pho­to does not rep­re­sent ven­dor night well at all… this was close to the end as all three rooms were so full I could not even get a pho­to. But let me tell you there were so many incred­i­ble items for sale I had to go in each room at least 3 times to look and look and look. It was so much fun.

So there you have it… Paper Cow­girl week­end told to you in a nut­shell. I so hope I get invit­ed back again next year. It was awe­some to be a part of this awe­some event.

Thanks, Cindy!

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