Paper Cowgirl Weekend…

Jun 13, 2011

Oh my goodness I don’t even know where to start but I think the beginning is best. Warning, this is a novel of a blog post. I had an incredible weekend with lots of super fun ladies. I tell ya all were happy, super inspiring and all extremely nice. Now we all know getting a group of 100 women together with that kind of result is something… just keeping it honest and real.

Thursday evening started off with a meet and greet, friendship token swap and then all the other incredible swaps. It was a blast and my name badge is filled with lots of super fun friendship tokens.

After the meet and greet Cindy Mayfield our host introduced all the teachers. There were some incredible teachers at this event and all kinds of mixed media was taught.

After the teachers introduced themselves and told about their class it was time for my “Artist to Author” talk. I truly hope, and from the response I got afterwards, those that wish to get into the publishing world take the jump. Whether it be just submitting to magazines for published layouts and projects or submitting a book proposal just do it… I will help you as best I can… promise! I meant every single word I said! The info will be posted on my blog sometime this week… I had great intentions yesterday to get it posted for today but honestly I passed out yesterday. I was so tired.

Friday, afternoon I taught my “Pieces of Time” class. I had such a wonderful group of funny easy going ladies. It was awesome. I gave away prizes every 15 min., had a prize for the first person to complete their project. I made a memento for them to place on their name tag for taking my class and of course chocolate and peppermints were at each table.

and I’m not going to mention sides but one side had a few more trouble makers than the other… good trouble makers but still trouble is trouble. LOL

I got a few photos of some of the finished projects and loved that some brought their own items to make their project a bit more personal. I always say at the beginning of each class… I’m just giving you the idea, you make it your own. It makes me so happy when those that wish to, do so.

Friday, night I hung out at Carolyn’s store, The Crafty Scrapper, literally sat in her comfy chair for 3 hours and laughed so hard with her, Trisha and Lisa my side hurt! I gotta say, Lisa is an awesome friend, she sold books for me, helped with my class and kept me on track the entire weekend. Everyone needs someone like this for a friend and NO I will not loan her out. She is mine…. all mine!

Saturday, Lisa and I did some antique shopping during the day and then that night headed over to Vendor night. Oh my goodness did I ever score some unique finds. It was so much fun shopping.

This photo does not represent vendor night well at all… this was close to the end as all three rooms were so full I could not even get a photo. But let me tell you there were so many incredible items for sale I had to go in each room at least 3 times to look and look and look. It was so much fun.

So there you have it… Paper Cowgirl weekend told to you in a nutshell. I so hope I get invited back again next year. It was awesome to be a part of this awesome event.

Thanks, Cindy!

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