Friendship Tokens

Jun 15, 2011

During the meet and greet at Paper Cowgirl we had a super fun friendship token exchange. The tokens can be anything you wish to create and give away. This exchange would be something fun to do at crops or any scrapping event. I just have to show you how creative everyone was at Paper Cowgirl. I did my best to get a good close up of each one I received. My name badge was full.

One of the participants crocheted all her flower tokens.

Some altered game pieces.

As you can see my name tag was full… colored keys tied on with yarn, stickers, millinery flowers a metal dress form was created and watch faces were used. I’m not kidding when I said people made them from all sorts of items.

Kraft tags were altered and yes that is a blank from a rifle you see that was turned into a pin…

There were altered milk bottle caps and printed muslin. I passed out the heart stick pin.

Here is a photo of the blank from the rifle, love it next to the lace token… (only in Texas)

There was a boot charm and crown token.

There is a horseshoe on the red token and two cute altered tags. Love the message of “Feel like a million” we all certainly did during this event.

An altered a bingo card.

And one of my students gave me this sweet token. It’s a compass altered with lace, beads and my favorite seam binding.

I think this idea would be such a fun thing to do at any event, even family events. Just little somethings to remember the day. There is no telling what would be created for family reunions… can you imagine what the men would come up with? This idea would also be super fun to do with a Girl Scout troop or summer art program. I want to figure out how to start doing this in the classes I teach. I think it would be fun.

Wishing you all a happy Wednesday. I’ll be sitting inside all day. The Texas summer has arrived.


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