Its been a Dogs day afternoon…

May 17, 2011

and soon to be bath day as well for three super won­der­ful dog­gies.

Today, I am tak­ing a day off from the stu­dio to just relax and get myself orga­nized. I’ve dis­cov­ered I’m the worlds worst at relax­ing. I just can­not do it. Always feel like I need to be doing some­thing at all hours of the day or night. So today I sat out­side with the four legged babies and threw toys and just chilled. They loved it and I love watch­ing how they are all so dif­fer­ent in per­son­al­i­ty. We can only throw rope toys or balls for one dog at a time. Chiefie being the youngest can out run the oth­er two, Buster being the mid­dle is a pure toot and will turn nasty the sec­ond Chief or Son­ny even thinks about touch­ing the toy and then Son­ny, well he is get­ting up there in years and just should not have to deal with the two young whip­per snap­pers.

Chief is fun­ny… when he runs after and gets rope toys he always has to flip it in the air first and catch it mid air… then he will run back in a slow gal­lop. Once he gets to you he has to give it a few good shakes to make sure it is either dead or it has enough slob­ber for your hands…

Buster runs full speed to get the toy and then just hops all the way back doing a lit­tle light bark of glee. He loves to retrieve any­thing… once he gets to you he does this fun­ny lit­tle prance and is so excit­ed and ready to go again. You would nev­er know if anoth­er dog was out that this cute lit­tle thing grows dev­il horns instant­ly. Some days the cute­ness is all that saves him.

Son­ny rest­ing in the sun…

then moved to the shade and napped with his toy while I sat and lis­tened to the birds.

Son­ny (click here for more pho­tos) will always be my heart dog. I got him from res­cue at 10 weeks old and the fun we have had all these years will nev­er be for­got­ten. I trained him in the field to retrieve birds and can say he nev­er ever did not bring me back a bird. He was awe­some in the field. Son­ny has two field titles his AKC JH and his GRCA WC. I retired him after he got his WC due to bad hips. Here are pho­tos I took doc­u­ment­ing all of his train­ing. We had a blast. It was a lot of ear­ly morn­ings, chig­ger filled week­ends, hot hot hot sum­mer after­noons.… rain or shine mud­dy or not week­ends but gosh I would do it all over again with this boy if I could.

Hope you are hav­ing a relax­ing day!


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