Its been a Dogs day afternoon…

May 17, 2011

and soon to be bath day as well for three super wonderful doggies.

Today, I am taking a day off from the studio to just relax and get myself organized. I’ve discovered I’m the worlds worst at relaxing. I just cannot do it. Always feel like I need to be doing something at all hours of the day or night. So today I sat outside with the four legged babies and threw toys and just chilled. They loved it and I love watching how they are all so different in personality. We can only throw rope toys or balls for one dog at a time. Chiefie being the youngest can out run the other two, Buster being the middle is a pure toot and will turn nasty the second Chief or Sonny even thinks about touching the toy and then Sonny, well he is getting up there in years and just should not have to deal with the two young whipper snappers.

Chief is funny… when he runs after and gets rope toys he always has to flip it in the air first and catch it mid air… then he will run back in a slow gallop. Once he gets to you he has to give it a few good shakes to make sure it is either dead or it has enough slobber for your hands…

Buster runs full speed to get the toy and then just hops all the way back doing a little light bark of glee. He loves to retrieve anything… once he gets to you he does this funny little prance and is so excited and ready to go again. You would never know if another dog was out that this cute little thing grows devil horns instantly. Some days the cuteness is all that saves him.

Sonny resting in the sun…

then moved to the shade and napped with his toy while I sat and listened to the birds.

Sonny (click here for more photos) will always be my heart dog. I got him from rescue at 10 weeks old and the fun we have had all these years will never be forgotten. I trained him in the field to retrieve birds and can say he never ever did not bring me back a bird. He was awesome in the field. Sonny has two field titles his AKC JH and his GRCA WC. I retired him after he got his WC due to bad hips. Here are photos I took documenting all of his training. We had a blast. It was a lot of early mornings, chigger filled weekends, hot hot hot summer afternoons…. rain or shine muddy or not weekends but gosh I would do it all over again with this boy if I could.

Hope you are having a relaxing day!


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