Pocket Favors

Apr 15, 2011

These Pocket Favors are perfect to hold all kinds of items to hand out at bridal or baby showers or birthday parties… really these are great for any holiday or special occasion. A group sitting in a bowl waiting to be handed out would look really cute. Especially, if they are all done in different but coordinating papers.

Supplies Used: TP Roll, Jenni Bowlin Patterned Paper, Scallop Scissors, Glue Stick Adhesive, Sewing Machine, Cream Thread


Apply a glue stick type adhesive onto the back of your patterned paper and cover the TP roll with patterned paper. I used Jenni Bowlin’s 4″ patterned paper so I needed 2 sheets.

Using a sewing machine  and cream or white thread, stitch the end of the TP roll as shown above.

Now here is the tricky part for me to explain. The left end of the TP roll is what you sewed first, the one on the right is the one you will need to sew. BUT first fill it with the items you want to have inside. After you fill the roll with your items, holding the sewn end facing you vertically, pinch the top end closed and stitch it shut using a straight stitch on your sewing machine as shown in the photo above. Tie the threads on each end into double knots and trim off the excess thread.

Trim each end of the pocket using scallop scissors or pinking shears. You will need a sturdy pair of scissors for this as cutting through the chipboard is hard. You can also leave the edge straight.

Your finished pocket should now look like the photo above. You can leave yours as is or embellish it with embellishments of your choice. Have fun making these and ignore those family members that question your sanity while you begin to hoard empty TP rolls… I do. They just don’t get it.

Have a great weekend.

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