Stanley Ruler Necklace

Apr 20, 2011

Here is something I made with one of the items dad brought me. It’s a necklace made from a 6″ Stanley Ruler. It started out as a bracelet but I was going to have to leave two of the pieces off and did not want to do that so a necklace it became. I must admit it was hard cutting that cute little ruler but I really like it as a necklace so now I’m over it.

Sunday night, dad and I went to Lowe’s and got a Dremel. Oh the ideas I have swirling in my head. Dad gave me a quick lesson on how to use all the parts that came with it but I still think there will be many a phone call made his way. But I plan on making some things with metal, wood and glass.

This is what the front of the necklace looks like. I accented the top of each ruler section with some rhinestone charms that Aida Haron brought me all the way from Singapore. I got to meet her at CHA-W this past January. I had the exact amount needed and the size of the charms could not have been any more perfect. Thanks again, Aida!

This is what the necklace looks like on the back. When I wear it I like that the ruler pieces flip so you get a mixture of the front and back pieces. I plan on adding more baubles as I find them. Eventually this piece will end up with an eclectic mixture of all sorts of items. It’s a fun work in progress piece.

Here is a closer look so you can see the charms. I’m thinking some Jenni Bowlin Pearls and Maya Road Chandelier Beads will look awesome. Gonna dig those out and see how they look. I’m betting on awesome! Okay back to book projects. I got two finished yesterday!

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