Stanley Ruler Necklace

Apr 20, 2011

Here is some­thing I made with one of the items dad brought me. It’s a neck­lace made from a 6″ Stan­ley Ruler. It start­ed out as a bracelet but I was going to have to leave two of the pieces off and did not want to do that so a neck­lace it became. I must admit it was hard cut­ting that cute lit­tle ruler but I real­ly like it as a neck­lace so now I’m over it.

Sun­day night, dad and I went to Lowe’s and got a Dremel. Oh the ideas I have swirling in my head. Dad gave me a quick les­son on how to use all the parts that came with it but I still think there will be many a phone call made his way. But I plan on mak­ing some things with met­al, wood and glass.

This is what the front of the neck­lace looks like. I accent­ed the top of each ruler sec­tion with some rhine­stone charms that Aida Haron brought me all the way from Sin­ga­pore. I got to meet her at CHA‑W this past Jan­u­ary. I had the exact amount need­ed and the size of the charms could not have been any more per­fect. Thanks again, Aida!

This is what the neck­lace looks like on the back. When I wear it I like that the ruler pieces flip so you get a mix­ture of the front and back pieces. I plan on adding more baubles as I find them. Even­tu­al­ly this piece will end up with an eclec­tic mix­ture of all sorts of items. It’s a fun work in progress piece.

Here is a clos­er look so you can see the charms. I’m think­ing some Jen­ni Bowl­in Pearls and Maya Road Chan­de­lier Beads will look awe­some. Gonna dig those out and see how they look. I’m bet­ting on awe­some! Okay back to book projects. I got two fin­ished yes­ter­day!

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