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Apr 18, 2011

While I was in Joan­n’s the oth­er day I was look­ing at all the East­er items they had for 50% off and found a big stack of pas­tel pink, blue, green and yel­low die cut place mats. I kept look­ing at them think­ing there was some­thing I could do with them and then it came to me… make a chalk­board out of them. So I bought a few of the place mats along with a spray can of Chalk­board Paint. Once home,  I head­ed to the back­yard and sprayed away.

After the paint has dried for 24 hours you need to rub chalk all over the dried paint and wipe it off with a dry paper tow­el. After doing this you can then write on it. I cut a mag­net­ic busi­ness card in 1/4’s and attached one piece on the back of the top, bot­tom, left and right sides of the place mat using a strong liq­uid adhe­sive.

I’m think­ing about thread­ing some seam bind­ing in the holes that form the rec­tan­gle in the cen­ter of the place mat. I think it would make a cute accent to it but not sure just yet. I kin­da like it sim­ple too. Time will tell.

Ans­ley and I are think­ing about find­ing dif­fer­ent shaped place mats to paint and hang on a wall in her room. We think this would be a fun thing to have on her walls for her and her friends to write on.

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