Magnetic Board and Doily

Apr 5, 2011

Here is how I plan on using the tray I found a few weeks ago at Frisco Resale. Once my scrap­room is cleaned up from all the book projects being cre­at­ed it will find a per­ma­nent home in there until then it will sit out in the liv­ing area. The but­ton mag­nets are old but­tons my dad attached mag­nets to the back of. They work per­fect­ly on this tray and look adorable. I plan on using this tray as an inspi­ra­tion board, receipt hold­er and what ever else I need to not mis­place at the moment. I always keep the let­ter from my sweet Uncle Ed near by… he always has such won­der­ful words of encour­age­ment and is so proud of my book.

The doily flower mag­net you see at the bot­tom of the tray makes me so super hap­py. I also made one that I placed a pin back on to wear on sweaters and shirts. This week, I’ll be show­ing those that have signed up for my Tips, Tech­niques and Tuto­ri­als online work­shop how to make the doily flower. They are so sweet and can be used in so many dif­fer­ent ways.

Today, will be a day of writ­ing chap­ter intros… I love writ­ing as it is so fun to get to tell peo­ple about what inspires me and all the won­der­ful mem­o­ries I have as a child. I keep telling myself with each pass­ing day I’m one day clos­er to get­ting to show you the cov­er of my book… the wait­ing is killing me.

Hugs & Stick­les!

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