I survived…

Apr 4, 2011

Barely, but I did survive the taping of two videos Friday, while in Cincinnati. Glad that is over. But I do believe you are going to like the tutorials and now I know how I want to do some for my blog. Once they finish performing miracles in the editing room they will send me the videos to share with all of you. The week was super awesome and I am so excited to see this book come together. While talking to everyone there about the design and layout I could finally picture it coming together in my head. I’m going to be so proud of this book. It is exactly how I hoped it would be.

Before I left for Cincinnati I made a few fabric flowers and thought I would show you how to make them. They are so fun to accent bags, purses and of course clothing.

This one is for my friend Ronda as in Help Me Ronda. She is all about color so while digging in my fabric scraps and I came across this I had to make her one.

This flower was made for my editor Jenni Claydon. She has been awesome to work with and reads my mind… this is great for me but if I were her I would be very afraid.

I made this flower for Christine Doyle. Christine is the Editorial Director at F+W Media and a true delight to chat with… whenever I’m in for a photo shoot we always go to lunch one day and she always comes by the Maya Road booth at CHA to say hi. She pretty much oozes sweetness.

This flower is twice the size of the others. I made this one for Christine Polomsky. She is one of the photographers who photographed the images in my Delight In The Details book and photographed all the step outs last week. She is such a super patient and wonderful person to work with. I thought this flower would look cute on one of her camera or tote bags.

So as you can see some of the flowers have felt layers mixed in with fabric. All I did was use the Tim Holtz Alterations Tattered Florals Die and cut out 9 of the larger flower from felt and fabric then one felt circle about2.5 inches in diameter . I then cut the fabric flowers in half placing one half of the fabric flower on top of a felt piece, folded the felt piece in half and placed the second half of the cut fabric piece on top of the felt piece. Then I folded this piece in half forming a triangle. Next I stitched a straight stitch across the bottom portion of the piece about a 1/2 from the tip. You will repeat these steps until you have 9 completed petals for your flower.

Once all 9 are finished place fabric adhesive to the center of the felt circle and begin attaching the flower petals. You need to remember two things… make sure the points of each petal match up and meet in the center. And on the petals you will have one side that has the fold and one side that opens just a bit… when attaching the petals to the felt circle make sure the petals all go the same direction. I made sure the fold was always on the left side as I attached it to the felt circle.

Once you have four petals attached to the felt circle apply more fabric adhesive to the center on top of the points and attach four more flower petals making sure to place the first petal for this layer on top of the area where two petals meet. Having the second layer off set from the bottom layer will make your flower look nicer and more natural. Once you finish attaching all four petals place fabric adhesive to the center of the second layer and attach the last remaining petal.

To complete your flower find the center of the top petal, apply fabric adhesive and place some stamens in the center. Now attach a pin back to the back of the felt circle and you are done.

For the larger flower instead of using a floral die I hand cut larger flowers from felt and fabric then repeated the same steps as I did for the smaller ones. Give these a try. They are super fun and easy to make and can be used for many different things.

Wishing you a happy Monday,
Hugs & Stickles!



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