Flocked Flower Accent Pin

Apr 26, 2011

Ok I do have to admit… even though I love win­ter and the cold weath­er that comes along with it I do love Spring and Sum­mer and all the col­ors. The heat I can do with­out but the col­ors I real­ly do enjoy. This flocked flower accent pin is just a lit­tle some­thing that can bright­en up a neck­lace by attach­ing it to the side of a chain, or accent­ing a sim­ple cuff bracelet by pin­ning it to a piece of lace or trim and tying it around your wrist. This lit­tle piece has so many won­der­ful pos­si­bil­i­ties.

Sup­plies Used: White Flocked Flower Bunch (Vin­tage Street Mar­ket), Cop­ic Mark­er — YR31 Light Red­dish Yel­low, Dia­mond Stick­les, Cream Felt, Brown and White Bak­er’s Twine, Cream Self Adhe­sive 2mm Pearl, Fab­ric Tac, Pin Back

Tools Need­ed: Scis­sors, Sty­lus


  1. Remove one small bunch of flocked flow­ers from the larg­er bunch. The small bunch will have 5 flocked flow­ers.
  2. Using a Cop­ic Mark­er col­or all the white areas of the flocked flower bunch.
  3. Accent the edges of each flower and cen­ter using Dia­mond Stick­les, let dry.
  4. Using scis­sors cut three small leaves out of cream felt.
  5. Using Fab­ri Tac attach the leaves to the base of the thick base not the wire base. Let dry.  Make sure when you are attach­ing the leaves that you over lap the leaves a bit.
  6. Wrap the wire end around the met­al part of a sty­lus to curl the wire.
  7. Tie a bow out of brown and white bak­er’s twine and attach to the base of the leaves using Fab­ric Tac.
  8. Accent the cen­ter of the bow with a self adhe­sive pearl.
  9. Attach a pin back to the back of the flocked flower accent.

The cute lace piece that I placed the pin on is a lit­tle some­thing mom brought up to me to use in my blog pho­tos. You will be see­ing this piece quite often. The col­or is gor­geous, the size is per­fect and the design well it’s exquis­ite. Thanks again, Mom!

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