That HUGE sigh…

Mar 15, 2011

of relief you just heard came from me. I just completed my second book deadline and let me just say, it was a humdinger, but I have 45 projects completed. I’m so glad this one is behind me and everything has either been emailed or shipped. I leave for Cincinnati in a few weeks to photograph all the step by step photos for each featured technique. It will be a week of photographing during the day and writing at night but I can finally start to see the book coming together and cannot wait for it to hit the shelves. I do believe you all are going to love this book. I’m already in love with it.

So after a weekend of writing for 20 hours starting Friday evening and ending Saturday then packing all the supplies and tools needed to recreate each technique all day Sunday and packing all the projects that go with these techniques yesterday… well yesterday, the mailman rang the door bell and handed me a package that had this gorgeous collar necklace inside. I could not believe my eyes.

You all might remember me going on and on about this piece that Connie had displayed in the Maya Road booth this past CHA-W. It took every ounce of control I had not to have her beautiful necklace end up in my suitcase. Well, no more plotting now as I have my very own. And I love how this necklace came to be. Connie told me after teaching an advent class this past holiday season she had all these little bits and pieces left over and had to make something with them. Talk about making great use of extra baubles. So next winter all these super cute little bits and pieces and altered Maya Road products will reside beautifully around my neck and I will be reminded of Connie and her incredible kindness.

Thank you so much Connie. Your necklace will be cherished forever and envied by all.

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