Techniques, Food and Props…

Mar 30, 2011

Today, we were one technique short of completing all the techniques for Chapter three but it was another great day in the studio. Here is a photo of just a few of the products I used today.

Jenni took me and Christine to Skyline Chili for lunch. Let me just tell ya this chili is nothing like what I’ve ever had in Texas. I had a 3-Way which is spaghetti on the bottom then chili topped with shredded cheese. And when you take a bite you need to pop 1 or 2 oyster crackers in your mouth. I know it sounds crazy but it is so good. Then once you finish you place the remaining oyster crackers in the chili so they can soak up all the liquid and eat away. YUMMY is all i can say!

And it was the perfect day for chili too… as we left the studio it was sleeting and snowing. Crazy weather up here for sure. I have a feeling the poor robins I’ve seen these past few days are very confused.

When we got back from lunch I decided to take some photos for you of all the props they have around the studio… there are props, props and more props. Pretty much where ever you turn you see props. It’s so fun to see how they create little rooms with all the tables, chairs and other goodies to photograph projects created by artists. It really does take a village to create a book. You cannot do this alone. Each book has an Editor, a Designer, a Production Coordinator, Photographers and a Stylist. Then you have the Marketing and Sales Teams that help keep your book in stores. It is amazing how much work goes into one.

Tomorrow, we should finish Chapter four and then it’s prep time for a few videos of some techniques. YIKES!

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