Peep Houses

Mar 25, 2011

While on Pinterest I came across this fun tutorial and saved it to make with my niece Madelyn while she was supposed to visit this week for Spring Break. Well she decided she wasn’t ready just yet to stay a week so far away from home. So I sent the tutorial to my mom and she made them with Mad and Bellie. They were a hit so thanks a bunch Kasey Buick for this really fun project. Here are the photos dad emailed me.

Mom made a batch of royal icing as it was a bit easier for the girls to keep their houses together when they started decorating.

Not sure if little Bellie is still decorating or snagging a jelly bean.

Mad and Bellie loved decorating their houses. You can see Bellie concentrating hard in this photo. And yes she is wearing a cat ears headband that she got back in October. She has worn that head band every single day (unless her mom can hide it) since and you MUST call her Kitty Cat. If not, she will remind you. She is a nutty little girl. But when you are three you get by with that kinda stuff.

And here they are with their finished peep houses. Mom is going to wrap them in clear cellophane tied with a bow so they can give them to some lucky family members.

I wish I lived closer. I miss and love them so much. Tomorrow, I’ll be washing and packing clothes to get ready to head to Cincinnati Sunday. I will update you during the week with all that is going on there. It will be a busy but fun week.

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