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Mar 18, 2011

Do you Pinterest? I sure do. My goodness this site can suck hours out of your day before it even starts. But I have to tell you it has so many wonderful DIY projects I can hardly stand it so if you don’t you need to check it out. The other day while I was “researching” as I call it, I came across this super cute Birds Nest Tutorial using paper mache and shredded brown lunch bags or dictionary pages. Yesterday, I could not take it any longer and had to make one although, I made mine smaller they they did in Country Living. So I pulled out our paper shredder and two brown paper lunch bags and got to business.

Supplies Used: Collage Pauge Instant Decoupage Matte, Water, Shredded lunch bags, foil, plastic wrap, bowl for mixing, small glad storage bowl

  • Cover a small bowl with plastic wrap, then turn the bowl upside down on foil. I used the non-stick kind.
  • In a larger bowl, mix equal parts of water and collage pauge.
  • Dip a handful of the shredded lunch bag into the paper mache mixture, then place them on the bowl until it’s completely covered.

  • Now press dry shredded lunch bag pieces on top of the wet piece to get that “messy bird nest twig” kinda look.
  • Let the shredded papers dry for overnight, then carefully pull the plastic wrap off the bowl and from the center of the nest.

The little bit of white that you see inside is some of the glue mixture that needs to air dry. It was up against the plastic wrap. I’ll be making several of these in different sizes as they are just so cute I must have more. I cannot wait to fill this one… the hardest part is going to be figuring out what to fill it with.

And I have the best blog readers. Riet from the Netherlands sent me an email yesterday, letting me know the houses from this post are souvenirs from Holland. They are used for salt and pepper. The blue and white is a very old way of painting porcelain, called delfts blauw (blue). Delft is the city in the Netherlands where this special painting is still done. Very old pieces of Delftware is worth a lot and collectors will pay thousands of euro’s for just one plate.  I would love to visit Delft Pottery someday and hope my mom is with me… we could spend hours looking at glassware and pottery. Thanks Riet for the info! You can read the comments area of the post for more info. Debbie Blanken also helped with some info. Like I said I have the best blog readers.

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