Clementine Candle

Mar 23, 2011

Discovered this fun project while doing some “research” once again on Pinterest. And since Clementines are out right now I thought I would share my find with you. If you want to impress the little ones you need to try this but don’t even bother on the teenagers as frankly I think there is very little you can do to impress them at the moment. I just got a cool and then that look. You know the one that says, “Like really mom, is this what you did all day”. Do you know what look I am talking about?

Supplies Needed: Clementine, Olive Oil, Knife, Matches

  • Using a knife carefully cut all around the Clementine horizontally. You want to cut just enough so you feel the meat part of the Clementine with the knife.


  • Now carefully peel the Clementine top and bottom halves off. To get started I gently pushed my finger in between the inside of the Clementine and the rind and ran it all around the Clementine until I got to the bottom. When you peel the halves off make sure when you to get the “wick part” of the Clementine you do not pull it off of the rhine. You want it to remains as long as possible. This is be the part of the Clementine that has the area where the stem was attached to the Clementine.

  • When you peel off the two halves they should look like the photo above. Oh and I had to share a few pieces of my Clementine with Chiefie… he thinks I’m wonderful and is totally impressed with my candle.

  • Fill the bottom portion of your candle (has the wick part) with olive oil just so the wick sticks above the oil a bit. Now let the oil absorb into the wick. It took about 5 min. for mine. Using a knife carefully cut a star on the top that does not have the wick. You need to make yours larger than mine as the heat started to burn mine as you can see with the photo.

This photo is not the best but you get the idea of what it looks like in the dark. LOL, it kinda looks like a glowing sea urchin but remember you are impressing the little ones not the teenagers. Have fun.

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