Chapter Two and Lunch…

Mar 29, 2011

It was anoth­er great day in the stu­dio. We were able to com­plete the step outs for all of Chap­ter Two which means we’re halfway done. Com­plet­ing each tech­nique means I am that much clos­er to hav­ing this book in my very eager hands. I can’t wait to see it all fin­ished. I do believe you all are going to LOVE it just as much as Delight In The Details.

This is the table where all the sup­plies I need to recre­ate each of the 40 tech­niques in my book are placed. Yes­ter­day this table was com­plete­ly cov­ered. It’s nice to see some emp­ty space on it now. Each bag­gie is filled with sup­plies and marked with the chap­ter and tech­nique num­bers. Being orga­nized like this helps speed up the process just a tad and keeps me calm. Freak­ing out is not a pret­ty thing.

This box is filled with sup­plies I’ve already used to recre­ate the tech­niques in Chap­ters one and two. There are 20 bag­gies in this box and it’s great watch­ing it fill up slow­ly.

And this table has 45 book projects on it. Just want­ed to give you a lit­tle tease of what I’ve cre­at­ed so far. It’s so nice to see the ones I sent back in late Novem­ber, again. Once I get home I will be fin­ish­ing up the remain­ing projects and it will feel awe­some to ship them on to Jen­ni.

This after­noon, I got to go to lunch with some of the sales staff. I always find this lunch to be very help­ful as they sell my book to Michaels, Hob­by Lob­by, JoAnns, Bor­ders, Barns & Noble, Ama­zon and Crafters Choice. I left there with fur­ther info on how to keep my book sales up and pop­u­lar in this mar­ket. F+W Media real­ly does want their authors to be suc­cess­ful. They have a great for­mat for you to fol­low which I do to a “T”.

So tomor­row, we begin Chap­ter three and I think I’m going to try some of the fab­u­lous Cincin­nati Chili for lunch. I hear you can’t come to Cincin­nati and not eat their chili. It might be a good chili day too as we might get some snow tonight. Well see.


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