Chapter One Techniques are Done!

Mar 28, 2011

What a great day. This morning, I finally got to meet my editor Jenni Claydon in person. We’ve chatted over the phone for months so finally having a face with the voice is awesome. We headed straight to the studio to start photographing techniques for each of the 40 techniques featured in my book. It was great getting to see Christine Polomsky once again. She is so patient when taking all the step by step photographs.

In this photo I’m prepping some Pink Paislee patterned papers with Diamond Stickles. You will see lots of Diamond and Platinum Stickles being used in this book. Are you surprised? Something tells me not. And way over in the background hanging on her wall are two beauty shots from  my book. I was so surprised to see them hanging there. They are photos of the Joy album and the journal sitting on the easel.

Here is Christine photographing one of the steps of the technique I did on a project. We were able to get all 10 techniques completed in Chapter One, today. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get all 10 for Chapter Two completed, tomorrow.

And you all have heard me talk so much about how awesome it is to be a part of the F+W Media Family. Well I really mean it when I say, “They are awesome.”  and here is just one incredible example of it too…

F + W Media will be giving 50% of eStore profits to Japanese Relief.

Shop Wednesday, March 30th in any of F+W Media’s stores and 50% of profits will go to Japanese Relief Efforts. Books, Magazines, Webinars, Educational Courses, Products, and more. F+W Media is my publisher and the parent company of North Light Books.

Ok I am off to do some writing and then head for bed for another super fun day tomorrow.

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