Adding to my glitter containers

Mar 17, 2011

Oh how I love to see my glit­ter inside these salt shak­ers and sug­ar dis­penser BUT when I was in Frisco Resale not too long ago I found these adorable ceram­ic hous­es. They were only .50 a piece and were scream­ing TAKE ME HOME with YOU! I had to fig­ure out what I was going to do with them as believe me I have enough lit­tle pret­ties here and there around the house and I do NOT need any­more. Well I was look­ing at the chim­ney on both hous­es and instant­ly thought they would be per­fect for pour­ing and then BAM new glit­ter con­tain­ers came to mind. Hon­est­ly, they are per­fect and look so cute sit­ting on my shelf in my scrap­room. I took these pho­tos in our liv­ing room to get some much need­ed extra light as it is way cloudy here today. But they will sit in my scrap­room hap­pi­ly on a shelf wait­ing for me to use them.

I plan on fill­ing both of them with crys­tal coarse glit­ter then I don’t have to wor­ry about pick­ing up the wrong glit­ter and pour­ing away. I could label the back of each house but I would rather just grab and pour. Then once I’m fin­ished with the glit­ter all I have to do is form a fun­nel with the paper I place the piece to be glit­tered on and the glit­ter goes eas­i­ly back into the house.

I could so live in a house just like either one of these… to, to cute.

Aren’t these just so cute. If any­one knows what they are sup­posed to be used for or where they came from I would love to know. Now run to a thrift store near you and try to find some unique glit­ter con­tain­ers and make sure you share your finds with me. I would love to see.

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