4 Chapters and 2 Promos…

Mar 31, 2011

Are in the can!!! Today, we worked it and got 13 techniques shot with 30 min. left in the day. So Jenni and I started organizing for the two technique videos I”ll be shooting tomorrow. I will be so glad when tomorrow is over. I’ve worried about shooting these videos all week long. But Jenni says it will all be okay and I have nothing to worry about. It’s so strange as I can talk to anyone, have taught at CHA, have instructed 1,000’s of make-n-takes, taught classes without any fear but pull that camera out and I freeze up. If I lose my fear of the camera tomorrow Amy Coon wont know how to act. Every time she comes to the Maya Road booth at CHA I want to just take off running in the opposite direction. Poor girl she deals with me quite well though.

Love seeing this table empty. Monday, it was completely covered with bags of supplies.

All the products and supplies I used to recreate all the techniques that will be featured in my book in the box ready to be shipped back to me. Oh and I have a great idea for Book #3. Jenni and I were talking and bam it all started coming together. I am so excited about it so will be thinking and thinking of a neat unique way to present the projects. Then work on a proposal. But first I’m going to let my brain chill for a bit. But I really would like to have another book debut in 2014. I think that would be awesome. So we will see. I want a series of technique based books by me sitting on my shelf. It’s so rewarding to see something you put so much into next to other authors and artists you respect in the industry.

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