4 Chapters and 2 Promos…

Mar 31, 2011

Are in the can!!! Today, we worked it and got 13 tech­niques shot with 30 min. left in the day. So Jen­ni and I start­ed orga­niz­ing for the two tech­nique videos I”ll be shoot­ing tomor­row. I will be so glad when tomor­row is over. I’ve wor­ried about shoot­ing these videos all week long. But Jen­ni says it will all be okay and I have noth­ing to wor­ry about. It’s so strange as I can talk to any­one, have taught at CHA, have instruct­ed 1,000’s of make-n-takes, taught class­es with­out any fear but pull that cam­era out and I freeze up. If I lose my fear of the cam­era tomor­row Amy Coon wont know how to act. Every time she comes to the Maya Road booth at CHA I want to just take off run­ning in the oppo­site direc­tion. Poor girl she deals with me quite well though.

Love see­ing this table emp­ty. Mon­day, it was com­plete­ly cov­ered with bags of sup­plies.

All the prod­ucts and sup­plies I used to recre­ate all the tech­niques that will be fea­tured in my book in the box ready to be shipped back to me. Oh and I have a great idea for Book #3. Jen­ni and I were talk­ing and bam it all start­ed com­ing togeth­er. I am so excit­ed about it so will be think­ing and think­ing of a neat unique way to present the projects. Then work on a pro­pos­al. But first I’m going to let my brain chill for a bit. But I real­ly would like to have anoth­er book debut in 2014. I think that would be awe­some. So we will see. I want a series of tech­nique based books by me sit­ting on my shelf. It’s so reward­ing to see some­thing you put so much into next to oth­er authors and artists you respect in the indus­try.

If you want to make some­thing real­ly cute check out the new Maya Road Retail­er Kit. It was designed by Maya Road Design Team Mem­ber Lia Abdul­lah. She shows you some inno­v­a­tive ways to dec­o­rate one of the Maya Road Trin­ket Shad­ow Box­es.  It can be pur­chased at your favorite local scrap­book store, online store or the Maya Road web­site. A net­work of local scrap­book stores and online stores will ful­fill their online orders This Sweet­est Days Shad­ow Box Retail­er Kit is ADORABLE.

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