Snow day..

Feb 4, 2011

It is nice to get a snow day instead of ice days. Frisco is on day 4 of no school due to ice and snow. I do believe we got more than the 1″ they were pre­dict­ing and we should get anoth­er 1″ this morn­ing. I must admit I do love look­ing at it and watch­ing the snow flakes fall but I’m sure all the peo­ple try­ing to arrive today for Super Bowl week­end aren’t too hap­py. This much snow in our area real­ly is not good. I heard Love Field Air­port is closed at the moment… yikes. Not sure about DFW.

The left of our neigh­bor­hood look­ing out the front door.

The right of our neigh­bor­hood look­ing out the front door.

What you see when you open the back door.

And our back­yard. Right now Chief and Buster are hav­ing a blast run­ning around like crazy dogs.

Tomor­row most of this should melt away. Then I will be wish­ing we had a mud room in our house. The dogs mud­dy paws are not going to be fun. But for now I am going to enjoy the view out­side my scrap­room win­dow while I orga­nize and cre­ate.

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