Snow day..

Feb 4, 2011

It is nice to get a snow day instead of ice days. Frisco is on day 4 of no school due to ice and snow. I do believe we got more than the 1″ they were predicting and we should get another 1″ this morning. I must admit I do love looking at it and watching the snow flakes fall but I’m sure all the people trying to arrive today for Super Bowl weekend aren’t too happy. This much snow in our area really is not good. I heard Love Field Airport is closed at the moment… yikes. Not sure about DFW.

The left of our neighborhood looking out the front door.

The right of our neighborhood looking out the front door.

What you see when you open the back door.

And our backyard. Right now Chief and Buster are having a blast running around like crazy dogs.

Tomorrow most of this should melt away. Then I will be wishing we had a mud room in our house. The dogs muddy paws are not going to be fun. But for now I am going to enjoy the view outside my scraproom window while I organize and create.

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