Paper Mosaic

Feb 24, 2011

This mini album is fea­tured in my book on page 48. They did­n’t show the cov­er so I thought I would share it with you now since Spring is just around the cor­ner. The step outs on page 49 show you how to recre­ate a paper mosa­ic that looks like bro­ken pieces of chi­na. This is cer­tain­ly anoth­er project of mine that is filled with dimen­sion­al objects. I guess I visu­al­ize in 3‑D as noth­ing looks fin­ished until items are pop­ping off the project.

I find how peo­ple cre­ate and visu­al­ize very inter­est­ing. My dad carves incred­i­ble objects out of wood. He can carve just about any­thing you request includ­ing wildlife and peo­ple as well as loads of oth­er things. What I find fas­ci­nat­ing is he can­not even begin to draw a 3 cir­cled cat. My mom paints (oils, acrylics and water­col­or) gor­geous pieces of art which is flat on the can­vas but she makes it dimen­sion­al with shad­ing. It amazes me how she adds all the shad­ing and such and makes a flat object look 3 dimen­sion­al.

So my ques­tion to you is, “How do you visu­al­ize your cre­ations?”  I would love to know.

As you can see this album does not close but I am cer­tain­ly ok with that…

This page “Wel­come To My Gar­den” is to resem­ble a step­ping stone. Most gar­dens are not com­plete with­out a whim­si­cal mosa­ic step­ping stone. I LOVE those.

This page is to resem­ble what you would see walk­ing by a house with a white pick­et fence and flow­ers bloom­ing all around. And of course but­ter­flies would be flut­ter­ing from bloom to bloom. There is a cute chip­board bird­house way inside near the binder rings peek­ing out. The mosa­ic page is to resem­ble a step­ping stone with morn­ing dew drops here and there.

This album took me for­ev­er to com­plete but it was so worth it in the end as I filled it with pho­tos of my favorite gar­den flow­ers I’ve had bloom over the years. Just wish I could get them to bloom all at once in the same year… got­ta get bet­ter at my gar­den­ing skills.

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