Creating patchwork accents

Feb 25, 2011













I like to incorporate a patchwork look on many of my vintage inspired projects. This is a bit time consuming but an accent I feel is certainly worth the effort. All I do is cut patterned papers in different sizes then sew a straight stitch all around the inner edge of the patterned paper. Once I have all the stitching completed I take a pair of zigzag scissors and trim the outer edges on some of the patterned papers and leave some with a slight distressed straight edge.










Above shows some of the straight edges distressed slightly and inked using a creamy brown ink. Below shows some of the edges trimmed using zigzag decorative scissors and inked using a creamy brown ink.

On page 34 of my book I show you how I antiqued the frame. This is something else I love to do to resin items as it really does give them a very nice finish.










I am telling you now save those scraps because this is a perfect way to use them in cards, layouts and projects.


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