Altered Birdhouse…

Feb 17, 2011

This altered paper mache bird­house was so much fun to make. Every lit­tle spot has some­thing attached to it. You’ll notice all kinds of Tim’s new prod­ucts attached here and there. I must admit one of the prod­ucts he sent were his new light bulbs. At first I was kin­da stumped on what to do with them but then I had a “light bulb moment” sor­ry could­n’t help myself and start­ed tuck­ing them in among all the oth­er baubles and think they worked per­fect­ly. The light bulbs are the per­fect size for the minia­ture projects I like to cre­ate. And that frac­tured doll… oh how I could have a mil­lion of them and would still want more. I love those dolls so much. You will be see­ing them in future projects and class­es for sure.

I used loads of his Dis­tress Rock Can­dy Crack­le Paint on the sides of the house, mak­ing sure to apply some areas thick­er than oth­ers so as to get a vari­a­tion in the size of the cracks. I love the aged look it gives to the paper. Also, the roof is cov­ered with Dis­tress Crack­le Paint. Once the paint dried I applied Stick­les here and there just to add a bit of sparkle to the top. Once it dried I cov­ered the entire roof with three lay­ers of UTEE. The UTEE adds just the right amount of dimen­sion to the roof and fin­ish­es off this projects per­fect­ly.

Oh and one thing I was so hap­py about was using the pen nib for the perch. I pulled the wood­en perch out and the hole that was left was the exact size I need­ed to insert the pen nib into. I love it when things work out like that.

Sup­plies Used: Frac­tured Doll, Game Pieces, Corked Vials, Light Bulbs, Hang­er Clips, Adorn­ments, Chain Tas­sels, Pen Nibs, Paper Stash ~ Crowd­ed Attic, Sal­vage Stick­lers ~ Crowd­ed Attic, Memo Pins, Baubles, Dis­tress Crack­le Paints, Per­fect Pearls, Stick­les

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