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Feb 19, 2011

I love jew­el­ry, the hand­made every­day kin­da jew­el­ry, not the fine stuff… that makes me too ner­vous to wear. The one big issue I have and is the rea­son I don’t wear a lot of neck­laces and such is I am super picky about what I like… my style is one of a kind, spark­ly and any­thing vin­tage. If I can get any one of these three things in a piece of jew­el­ry well I’m excit­ed and if I can get all three well I’m  SUPER over the moon excit­ed!

Well the oth­er day I was read­ing Suze Wein­berg’s face­book page and saw she opened up an etsy store called Suze does Fan­cy Schman­cy. Well I hopped on over to take a look and BAM what did my eyes find… a one of a kind, spark­ly, vin­tage bead­ed neck­lace. Yep, you guessed it, I snagged that baby fast. Yes­ter­day, it arrived pack­aged sweet­ly in an organ­za bag. It is so so so pret­ty and is one of my favorite neck­laces.

It is one of a kind, spark­ly and has vin­tage clear lucite crys­tals. I tell you I did the hap­py dance when I put it on. It’s the per­fect length… not too short (can’t stand it when it feels like it’s chock­ing me) or too long.

The length of this neck­lace is 9″ and is per­fect.

The clasp is ster­ling sil­ver with a pearl accent…

here are the vin­tage lucite crys­tal beads…

and this rhine­stone bird is 2.5″ from wing to wing and hangs per­fect­ly… you all know I LOVE this part a lot. So if you are look­ing for some neat neck­laces head on over to Suze’s etsy store, you’ll love what you see.


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