Today’s Reality…

Jan 18, 2011

Remem­ber my nice made over scrap­room way back in August… well this is the real­i­ty of it today. Lots of fun things are being cre­at­ed  in here for my book and for CHA. The box­es shown hold prod­uct from book spon­sors, new release items and my favorite go to prod­ucts. The every­day real­i­ty of this room stays pret­ty  much like this… just gonna keep it real for you all. I can’t be some­one I’m not. So I won’t even try to tell you my room is super clean and tidy all the time. And that I put every­thing up as soon as I’m fin­ished using it… nope not even gonna go there. What I do love about these pho­tos is every­thing I love to work with is right there, in it’s box, close at reach and that makes me hap­py.

So don’t be stressed if every­thing in your scrap­room isn’t in it’s prop­er place and per­fect­ly staged. What fun is that… real­ly? Today, I hope you cre­ate, have fun and make a mess. I am.

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