Set Up Day…

Jan 28, 2011

Setting up the booth begins. Yep, all these crates contain the product you want and purchase. But before the store owners can get the CHA-W release products into their stores setting up the booth and getting all the products and show samples up for display must be done. This is certainly NOT the GLAMOROUS side of trade shows. But at least Caroline makes it as fun as possible. Sarah and Laura find the humor in lots of things during the process and make you laugh but David well… he is like a grumpy old man.

The opening up of the crates… let the madness begin.

David a.k.a Mr. Grumpy pants, Caroline and Laura. We just finished putting down the floor and are now getting ready to put up the walls.

Walls are up and now the products start filling the booth… oh my goodness just wait until you see all the wonderful new products. I am in love with so many and actually think this is the best release ever. Although Caroline reminded me that I say this every CHA… but honestly, I really do think this is their best release.

All their wonderful Maya Mists. Love the new bottle size too. Such a wonderful rainbow of solid and metallic colors.

After we finished getting the product up we went to eat at Tofu Village and yes once again Sarah and I managed to have an experience that made us laugh so hard. It was not bad tasting like the Japanese Tea the day before but my goodness it was a funny one.

So Sarah and I decided we did not feel all that adventurous in the food department. The Japanese Tea was still too fresh in our minds. So while everyone else cooked their own food including cow tongue we decided we would have ours brought out already cooked. So she ordered Spicy Bar B Que Pork and I ordered Spicy Bar B Que Chicken. We asked the waiter, “Just how spicy is spicy?” He told us it was manageable… well that answer did kind of concern us but the thought of cow tongue concerned us more so we told him to bring it on and make sure we have plenty of water to drink. Well let me just say his idea of manageable spicy is drinking 5 glasses of water before you’re even halfway finish with your meal, wiping your nose because the manageable spicy is making it run and sweating like you just finished a 5k (not that either of us knows what that is like at the moment but you get the picture)! If this is manageable spicy “Spicy” would put me in the ER. We mixed the meat with rice hoping that would calm the spicy down a bit which it did but it was STILL HOT HOT HOT. It’s always an adventure when you travel with Caroline.

So today we finish putting up all the products and then display all the wonderful projects the design team created. You all are going to be so wowed when you see them. They really out did it this show.

Tonight, I will do my best to post photos of the booth completed and highlight some of my favorite products and projects. Until then make something with Maya Road and UTEE. They are a great crafting combination.

Have a great day!

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