Make Art!

Jan 4, 2011

I love these two lit­tle words. I have a won­der­ful cheer­leader for a friend. She always sends me email filled with words like you can do it yes you can… I know you can… etc. She is the best and SHE is SUPER TALENTED too. She LOVES flow­ers and always signs her blog posts with “make art!” I love that.

Late last night while I was look­ing at her blog I thought I would make her a lit­tle some­thing to give to her at CHA. I sol­dered this flower pin sev­er­al months ago and it’s been sit­ting on a shelf col­lect­ing dust. Actu­al­ly, I have lots of stuff sit­ting on my shelves col­lect­ing dust. So I’ve decid­ed to start shar­ing them with friends and fam­i­ly as well as in class par­tic­i­pants. My sweet friend is first up as a recip­i­ent.

I stamped “make art” on a ster­ling sil­ver piece, took a ball peen ham­mer to it and attached some rhine­stones using E6000. I then attached the jump rings and a crys­tal chan­de­lier piece (bare­ly peek­ing out from behind the flower) to the stamped piece and attached this to the back of the pin. So now my sweet cheer­lead­ing friend has a unique flower pin with her sig­na­ture attached.

I hope she likes it…

Last night, it was fun to make art!

P.S. You know who you are and I thank you for all your kind words of encour­age­ment.

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