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Jan 3, 2011

While sit­ting here wait­ing for my Dis­tress Crack­le Paint — Rock Can­dy to dry I remem­bered I for­got to show you the bracelet dad and I made using one of my grand­fa­ther’s spoons. Well actu­al­ly it’s real­ly more like the bracelet I pound­ed flat, stamped poor­ly, dad bent into shape and fixed my stamp­ing. Poor man, I tell ya we had some laughs or rather I laughed at the looks dad would give me when I would hand it over for him to fix. Dad’s just got­ta love those crafty daugh­ter’s that ven­ture out into unknown art forms. We had fun though and it’s a bracelet I will cher­ish.

All I could think of was the say­ing my grand­fa­ther would say from time to time when you got real­ly focused on the imper­fec­tions of a project… he would say, “It’s good enough for who it’s for.” I of course would just roll my eyes because I feel every­thing has to be per­fect. Darn type A per­son­al­i­ty. But it did make me chuck­le as I was stamp­ing away.

And since I love it when pieces have a sto­ry behind them well besides this being my grand­fa­ther’s spoon notice the “L” and the three marks to the right of it… those marks are rem­nants of my not so good stamp­ing . I smacked the let­ter and it shift­ed twice on me always going to the right and let me tell ya it was mak­ing me pret­ty moody. So on the 3rd whack I smacked it real­ly hard and you guessed it, it shift­ed again. So I looked at dad with the look of can you fix this on my face (I felt like a lit­tle girl again ask­ing him to push the arm back into my doll that my broth­er pulled out)… so he smoothed it out as best he could. Then, I had dad stamp it as I was not even going to have that thing shift to the right again. If it had, I would have thrown it out the shop and across the street. I know my lim­it when it comes to this kin­da stuff and three times is it. LOL

After it was all stamped I used a ball peen ham­mer and tapped away all around the edges. I love things to look worn and real­ly like how the edges turned out.

Then I attached some rhine­stones to it using E6000. I find it fun­ny that the quote says, “Nev­er Set­tle 4 Less” and I used rhine­stones and not dia­monds. How iron­ic.

Okay, looks like the crack­le paint is dry so back to book stuff.  Hap­py Mon­day!

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