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Jan 3, 2011

While sitting here waiting for my Distress Crackle Paint – Rock Candy to dry I remembered I forgot to show you the bracelet dad and I made using one of my grandfather’s spoons. Well actually it’s really more like the bracelet I pounded flat, stamped poorly, dad bent into shape and fixed my stamping. Poor man, I tell ya we had some laughs or rather I laughed at the looks dad would give me when I would hand it over for him to fix. Dad’s just gotta love those crafty daughter’s that venture out into unknown art forms. We had fun though and it’s a bracelet I will cherish.

All I could think of was the saying my grandfather would say from time to time when you got really focused on the imperfections of a project… he would say, “It’s good enough for who it’s for.” I of course would just roll my eyes because I feel everything has to be perfect. Darn type A personality. But it did make me chuckle as I was stamping away.

And since I love it when pieces have a story behind them well besides this being my grandfather’s spoon notice the “L” and the three marks to the right of it… those marks are remnants of my not so good stamping . I smacked the letter and it shifted twice on me always going to the right and let me tell ya it was making me pretty moody. So on the 3rd whack I smacked it really hard and you guessed it, it shifted again. So I looked at dad with the look of can you fix this on my face (I felt like a little girl again asking him to push the arm back into my doll that my brother pulled out)… so he smoothed it out as best he could. Then, I had dad stamp it as I was not even going to have that thing shift to the right again. If it had, I would have thrown it out the shop and across the street. I know my limit when it comes to this kinda stuff and three times is it. LOL

After it was all stamped I used a ball peen hammer and tapped away all around the edges. I love things to look worn and really like how the edges turned out.

Then I attached some rhinestones to it using E6000. I find it funny that the quote says, “Never Settle 4 Less” and I used rhinestones and not diamonds. How ironic.

Okay, looks like the crackle paint is dry so back to book stuff.  Happy Monday!

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